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"A single man does not help,
but those who join together
with many at the right time."
(J. W. Goethe)

Ressources for the medical therapeutic support of emergency pedagogical missions in conflict areas

Time and again people become needy through natural and environmental disasters. Children are especially effected. Various aid organisations have set themselves the target, to create a secure place for emotionally traumatised children and to support the pedagogues and therapists on location. Especially here pedagogy and medicine are inseparably linked. Therefore a group of doctors with work experience abroad have put together resources that can help with the medical therapeutic treatment in emergency pedagogical missions.

This is help from experts to experts: doctors, psychologists, therapists and pedagogues. It includes experiences of Waldorf education and anthroposophical advanced medicine.

Most recently we have set up an information exchange platform for the helpers in Japan: Part 2: Helping Japan.

Part 1: Support medical missions abroad 

Resources for medical therapeutic support of emergency pedagogical missions abroad.
Material for the preparation, assistance and follow-up.

Part 2: Reports from several Countries



This part can also be viewed in Japanese and in German.

This platform was specifically set up where therapeutic experiences and recommendations can be exchanged for dealing with children and young people who are threatened by earthquakes, tsunami and radioactivity. With this we want to express our warm sympathy for the fate of the victims and our solidarity.

Part 3: Background information  

Here are files stored, that provide a natural sciences, humanities and philosophical background to the subject: What can be said about the various isotopes? What did Rudolf Steiner say about the spiritual backgrounds of earthquakes and radioactivity? – How has Albert Schweitzer written about development aid in Africa? – Is emergency aid always free from side effects and commercial purposes?

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